Projects Overview

Around the world, many industrial plants were built that were planned by the engineering office Schatz.

We consider it a matter of course to handle varying customer specifications and international standards like DIN, EN, ANSI, JIS, BS, and IS. In the 20 years since the formation of the company we acquired comprehensive know-how in the engineering of industrial plants.

This experience and expertise was put into action in a large variety of projects. On this page you can find an assortment of interesting projects with images and further information.


Chemical plants

Metallurgische Anlagen

Metallurgical plants


Continous casting plants



Tank farms

Thermische Kraftwerke

Thermal power plants

Sonstige Projekte

Other projects


The Schatz calculation team (left to right): Simon Eigner, Günther Mühlbachler, Christian Kagerhuber, Siegfried Schachinger
Calculation team
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Calculation projects